17.–21.11.2021 #artcologne2021

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4ARTechnologies - Digital Art Market Tools | Hall 11.1; VIP Club



Through the symbiosis of state-of-the-art technological innovations, 4ARTechnologies creates the foundation for a uniform digital standard for the global art industry. For the first time, this standard can digitally network all market participants, enabling greater transparency, security, process-efficiency and a significant reduction in costs. With the security and reliability of 4ART’s revolutionary digital fingerprint as a foundation, the 4ARTapp offers an expansive digital toolbox to help all participants of the art market to build a better future for themselves. Choose the digital tools that help you reach your goals:

THE DIGITAL FINGERPRINT - Utilizing patented technology originally created to identify fake bank notes, anyone can create a unique fingerprint of an artwork using nothing but its surface, a smartphone or tablet and a few minutes. Make even serial or photographic prints always identifiable and connect them to their specific documentation.

THE ARTWORK PASSPORT - Combine the artwork’s unique fingerprint with documentation and unalterable recorded history to reach new levels of security. Automatically update the immutable living provenance and easily share information with friends, collectors or the world. Always remain in control with the highest levels of security, made in Switzerland.

THE ON-SPOT CONDITION REPORT - Capture an artwork’s condition and create highly detailed condition reports in mere seconds. Easily compare changes to an artwork before, after or during transports and exhibitions. Makes sharing and evaluation changes with others instant and manageable, reducing time and cost expenditures by up to 90%.

THE VIRTUAL SHOWROOM - Registered artworks are automatically available to view and share in the integrated virtual reality showroom. Create show borderless 24/7 showroom, receive messages from and talk with interested collectors using the chat function and discover all the art that is out there. All at no extra cost. Just because the world is in lockdown, doesn’t mean the arts have to be.Find out more about these tools and so many more at www.4art-technologies.com or join us at our booth in the VIP Club, Hall 11.1 for a live demonstration.