NEUMARKT - Young galleries at ART COLOGNE

177 galleries from 25 countries will exhibit at the upcoming ART COLOGNE, including 13 young galleries from five countries

The sector for young galleries at ART COLOGNE has already been called NEUMARKT since 2017. This year, 13 young galleries will have the opportunity to present themselves side-by-side with top galleries of the CONTEMPORARY ART sector on one hall level. "Young" means galleries that have been on the market for less than ten years. The gallery owners Jan Japs, Deborah Schamoni and Rob Tufnell assist with the selection of these galleries as an advisory board. "The galleries exhibiting in the NEUMARKT sector have clearly positioned and profiled themselves through the art they show", emphasises advisory board member Jan Kaps. "With their participation in ART COLOGNE, they have the chance to reach a wider public and attract interesting collectors". Six of the 13 NEUMARKT GALLERIES are participating in ART COLOGNE for the first time.

Especially visitors will also profit from the new proximity at ART COLOGNE, and will be able to ideally view and experience current art in an interplay of international gallery programmes. In addition to this, the first art acquisition in the NEUMARKT sector has already been announced by Outset Germany_Switzerland. Since its founding as a charitable organisation in 2003 in London, Outset has promoted contemporary art, artistic projects and cultural institutions worldwide.

An overview of NEUMARKT galleries:
Nir Altman Galerien, Munich, Germany
Arcadia Missa, London, United Kingdom
Emalin, London, United Kingdom
High Art, Paris, France
Jan Kaps, Cologne, Germany
M. LeBlanc, Chicago, USA
MARTINETZ, Cologne, Germany
Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf, Germany
Malcolm X Gallery (MX Gallery), New York, USA
Tobias Naehring, Leipzig, Germany
Deborah Schamoni, Munich, Germany
Rob Tufnell, Cologne, Germany

A small impression of the programme of the galleries at ART COLOGNE:

The Galerie Nir Altman (Munich) presents Johannes Tassilo Walter, whose artistic practice is characterised by serial works with ink on large-format paper. Arcadia Missa Gallery (London) is showing works by Jesse Darling, who works with sculpture, installation, drawing, text, sound and performance. She often uses found objects for her sculptures, in which she addresses the vulnerability of the human body. For its first time at ART COLOGNE, the Galerie Emalin (London) has selected, among other works, new paintings from Alvaro Barrington, as well as a large-format work of the Czech-born Aslan Gaisumov, who thematises the story of the expulsion and emigration of his own family. ESSEX STREET (New York) presents works by Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda, two Berlin artists who have already been working together for a longer period of time. An exhibition in the Kölnischer Kunstverein (Cologne art society) will take place parallel with ART COLOGNE and include works from both of them. Works by Aaron Garber-Maikovska can be seen at High Art (Paris): vibrating oil paintings that are further intensified by the ground, namely ribbed poly plates.
Jan Kaps (Cologne) is showing a dual presentation with the two artists Nancy Lupo and Melike Kara.
M. LeBlanc (Chicago) is showing mixed media works by Mark Verabioff, which combine both language and image, as well as the most varied forms of expression. The heart of the solo presentation of Selma Gültoprak for MARTINETZ (Cologne) at this year's Art Cologne is the examination of a trip to the United States of America, or more specifically to the state of Texas. In addition to a larger-than-life artificial flame, created by Gültoprak in a nearly comic-like fashion of transparent materials, new photographs of the Cologne artist will also be shown in the exhibition. The Galerie Max Mayer (Düsseldorf) is organising a solo show for Sarah Kürten, who takes up situational, historical and architectural themes of the respective exhibition location in her conceptual text works. Malcolm X Gallery (MX Gallery, New York) is exhibiting for the first time at ART COLOGNE and is bringing large-format rugs by Benjamin Kellog with it to Cologne. Tobias Naehring (Leipzig) is showing works by Sophie Reinhold, who uses oil, graphite and marble dust for her paintings. In addition to this, the gallery will present sculptures by Wilhelm Klotzek, as well as large-format works by Johannes Daniel.
With the Australian Gerry Bibby, the German Judith Hopf, the New York-based artist duo KAYA and the Swiss Tobias Spichtig, Deborah Schamoni (Munich) is uniting representatives of a young generation of artists working across media. Rob Tufnell (Cologne) is showing, among others, works by Andreas Maus, who draws extremely sophisticated images of death and the fear of death.

More about Outset Germany_Switzerland
"Outset is unique in this mediating role: there is no comparable organisation that passes on private funding to public recipients without any kind of deduction whatsoever, and thus enables the acquisition or the production of new art for the public. Outset Germany_Switzerland has been headed by Bettina Böhm since
2016. Since then, projects and works have been sponsored with 1.2 million Euro by Outset Germany_Switzerland, including such important artistic works as "Faust" by Anne Imhof (German Pavilion, 57th International Art Biennale in Venice)", the organisers have noted in advance of ART COLOGNE.


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