Aurel Scheibler - Art Cologne 2019 - Press Release

On his 25th participation in Art Cologne, Aurel Scheibler is pleased to present a compilation of selected works by young artists and historically significant positions.

The focus of the presentation is on Norbert Kricke (1922-1984), one of the most influential sculptors of the Postwar period, and his work Raumplastik Weiß 1968/I . In its lightness and motion, this sculpture from 1968 seems to be floating and expanding into the surrounding space.

Tom Chamberlain (1973) has diminished the presence of material weight in painting almost to transparency. No brushstrokes, no clearly defined shape are visible in his pictures, instead innumerable, thin layers of color, that at the moment of contemplation disclose and disappear again.

The expansive, striking word piece Helden (Heroes), 1999, by Jack Pierson (1960), compiled of differently sized and colored letters, is displayed on the top of the booth wall. It is by no means an invitation to worship, but as a group of odd findings, it is rather a symbol of the fragmentary moments of life. The lettering Helden, a tribute to David Bowie and his famous song from 1977, is the only word piece by Pierson in German.

Carolin Eidner (1984) will be presented with one of her most recent works, a painting made of pigmented plaster. Her work will also be on display at a solo booth (C-040), presented in a collaboration with Natalia Hug. Eidner focuses on the material, its conceptual and physical aspects, and often uses it in unconventional ways to revert the perception of familiar and place it in a new context.

Alice Neel (1900-1984), one of the most important American artists of the twentieth century, who has also become known to a broad German audience since her retrospective in Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, is presented, among others, with her painting Windows (No.2) from 1965. Neel painted a series of paintings depicting the view from her homes. The works often give a sense of being locked in, as the view is directed only at the façade, but the life behind it remains hidden to the observer.

Ernst Wilhelm Nay's (1902-1968) work is characterized by his virtuosic approach to color. Color was the main element of building up the composition and dynamic in his work. Here, Nay is represented, among others, with a late watercolor from 1966, whereas later in April, on the Gallery Weekend in Berlin, Aurel Scheibler will dedicate a solo exhibition to his late paintings of the period from 1965 to 1968. Ernst Wilhelm Nay is regarded as one of the most important and influential German abstract artist in the 1950s and 1960s.

Furthermore, at this year's Art Cologne Aurel Scheibler will be showing works by Neil Gall (1967), Jonathan Bragdon (1944), Stefan Löffelhardt (1959), Öyvind Fahlström (1928-1976) and Vivian Greven (1985). Vivian Greven's works have been recently shown in the exhibition Ekstase at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and will be part of the exhibition Jetzt3 - Junge Malerei in Deutschland in the Kunstmuseum Bonn and other locations.

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