The Art Register

ART COLOGNE has started a partnership with the Art Register and together with artnet will introduce a new App during the Next Edition of ART COLOGNE. We encourage you, our exhibitors, to contact the Art Register directly, to get the works presented at ART COLOGNE listed.

Transparency continues to be an outstanding desire that new buyers in the art market are looking for. Technology allows us to fulfill exactly that need, but only if we create an environment where exchange of information is both possible and desired. The fact that gallerists are often considered the "bad guys" in many conversations with artists and collectors does not help either.

Cologne-based gallerist Julian Sander has built the Art Register because of and to help resolve this problem by opening up a system to help collectors and galleries to find a common knowledge base to be able to engage with each other.

In Julian Sander’s own words: „I am convinced that only through engagement on equal and open terms can we, as art world professionals, move the conversation forward. By partnering with artnet I have connected to the primary art market source for research. Some galleries may be upset by my offering this form of transparency because we all hate it when our clients run off to grab an artnet query and then come back to give us a hard time on pricing based on their new "knowledge", or even worse, they don't come back at all. What I have done is created a chance to have the conversation right now. Give the collector the knowledge they need to engage the gallerist. Give the gallerist a chance to explain the context of the information the collector has gained. Open the conversation. That is where I see the future.”

ART COLOGNE strongly suggests that you reach out to Julian Sander and his staff in helping us create a fantastic new tool to help navigate the Art Market.