Final Report ART COLOGNE 2016: Strong performance for the anniversary

Clear growth in numbers of visitors, a positive mood and good sales defined the 50th ART COLOGNE 2016

"Art Cologne holds its position", was the title for the critique of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (16 April 2016) on the 50th edition of the world's oldest trade fair for modern and contemporary art. The International Art Market Cologne did in fact present itself in extraordinarily good shape for its anniversary: more than 60,000 art lovers (2015: around 56,000), including many top collectors, curators and museum people from Germany, Europe and overseas, visited the most important German art fair. "Our high expectations have once again been surpassed", said Daniel Hug, Director of ART COLOGNE. "The factors for the success of ART COLOGNE are unmistakable in its 50th year: the focus on the quality of the offering and a balanced mix of German and international, of established and young galleries. ART COLOGNE is ideally positioned for the future". 218 galleries from 24 countries participated in this year's ART COLOGNE, indluding returning exhibitors and new participants. Together, they offered visitors a first class offerings of modern, postwar and established contemporary art, as well as brand new contemporary positions.

"It has power", verified Laszlo von Vertes (Zurich) with respect to the anniversary edition of ART COLOGNE. He brokered, among others, a work by Joan Miró for more than one million Euros to a collection. "The trade fair is positioned even better than last year in terms of quality. The visitors are in a buying mood, which is also due to the fact that art is seen as a stable new currency". Michael Beck from the Düsseldorf gallery Beck & Eggeling saw the trade fair as "very active". "I have a very good feeling. This is a really successful anniversary show." Works ranging from ¤1,600 to ¤67,000 were sold, including two drawings by August Macke. This year's ART COLOGNE prize winner Raimund Thomas (Munich), who presented small-format masterpieces in a special architecture, was full of praise: "The reception is fantastic. With regard to the sold exhibits, this ART COLOGNE is an absolute highlight for me." Among others, Thomas sold a work by Alexej von Jawlensky for ¤220,000. "Cologne is always a true pleasure", said Florian Sundheimer (Munich), who placed objects of the Constructivist Hermann Glöckner at an American museum and was successful with bronzes by Joannis Avramidis.

"Cologne has a great public. We had many museum people at the stand and received positive feedback on the mural by Richard Jackson", reported Florian Berktold from the gallery Hauser & Wirth (Zurich/New York/Los Angeles). "Jackson has never realised a mural for a trade fair. It is the first time that we have presented Richard Jackson, Paul McCarthy and Jason Rhodes together in this way". The quality of the other trade fair stands was also high, according to Berktold. "We come to ART COLOGNE because of the German collectors, museums and institutions", he emphasised. Veronique Ansorge, director of Gallery David Zwirner (New York/London) summarised: "We were satisfied with the sales." "Active interest and satisfactory sales" were also reported by Nicole Hackert from the Berlin Contemporary Fine Arts gallery, which was especially pleased by the visit of museum curators. A painting by Norbert Schwontkowski was sold to a museum in the Rhineland; woodcuts by Gert & Uwe Tobias in a price range between ¤42,000 and ¤65,000 went to collectors. For returning exhibitor Perrotin (Paris/New York/Hong Kong), the trade fair went "...very well. Many curators and museum directors were at our stand. We were able to establish good new relations". "I made fantastic sales", the New Yorker Carolina Nitsch, who sold drawings by Thomas Schütte, Martin Kippenberger, Sigmar Polke and Louise Bourgeois, as well as small sculptures by Carl Andre, was pleased to report. "This has been the best ART COLOGNE to date for me. I will certainly be coming again", says Nitsch. "I like the public because it doesn't buy speculatively, but rather out of interest", according to the Munich gallery owner Bernd Klüser, who was especially successful selling in the middle price range. "There's movement every day", Gerd Harry Lybke from the Eigen + Art gallery (Leipzig/Berlin) determined with satisfaction. "The offering and the international interest was better than expected", Christian Nagel (Cologne/Berlin) shared; "we must maintain this standard". Among others, Nagel brokered the large-format photography of Clegg & Guttman "DDR Children Library, Pritzwalk" to the Federal Collection of Contemporary Art and sold a work from the sponsor booth of his NEW POSITIONS artist Luke Willis Thompson. "The strength of this trade fair is that one meets all important German collectors here", stated Jan Wentrup (Berlin), who, in addition to Olaf Metzel's object "Berlin in der Tasche", also sold works by Karl Haendel, Florian Meisenberg and the artist duo Peles Empire. "I can't get away", reported Daniela Steinfeld from the Düsseldorf gallery VAN HORN, who received enquiries for almost all of her artists. Several institutions also expressed interest in Claus Föttinger's "Bar60/99/16".

The atmosphere was also exceptional at the young galleries in the NEW CONTEMPORARIES and COLLABORATIONS SECTIONS. "The separate hall level for the young galleries is a big advantage and has proved itself", Larissa Bischof from Bischoff Projects (Frankfurt a.M.) found. She was successful with, among others, the "Fists" of Ben Thorp Brown and was able to welcome many collectors at the stand. Aanant & Zoo (Berlin) was able to attract the interest of new collectors for the works of Michael Müller. "The clear separation of the different offering segments is super. Everyone finds their way up", says Alexander Hahn. "The section has established itself in the second year", the Düsseldorf gallery owner Max Mayer, who received a lot of interest for Jan Paul Evers and Nicolás Guagnini, confirmed. "Our expectations were surpassed", Laura Henseler from the young Cologne gallery Ginerva Gambino reported. "This is a strong trade fair within the trade fair", Jakob Pürling from the Cologne gallery Drei, which exhibited in the COLLABORATIONS section with Projectos Monclova from Mexico City, was pleased to report. The two galleries were able to sell works of their artists and accepted reservations. "We have reached a positive summary", was the comment at the pavilion of the Berlin galleries KOW and Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, who both sold unique video works. "It went very well for us", reported Luisa Rittershaus from the gallery Warhus Rittershaus (Cologne) on its cooperation with Nicolas Krupp (Basel); "there was all kinds of business here and we had many discussions". A successful model was also the cooperation of the galleries Natalia Hug from Cologne and Mier from Los Angeles, which sold numerous works by Rhine region artists Jana Schröder and Thomas Wachholz. Evelyn Yard from London sold out the works of Ry David Bradley. The Berlin gallery Chert was successful with sculptures by Petrit Halilaj, who the Cologne Kunstverein (art association) dedicated an exhibition to in the past year. "The fair enjoys fantastic attendance", according to Deborah Schamoni, who found buyers for sculptures by Judith Hopf and a canvas by AA Bronson & Keith Boadwee. The EXILE gallery (Berlin) was pleased at the great interest in Verena Pfisterer, whose works went to the Museum Ludwig in Cologne and the collection of the Deutsche Bank. For us it was if we had our own trade fair here", said Alexander Duve (Berlin); "the third floor was extremely popular , and we feel very much at home here".

ART COLOGNE 2016: Summary of sales reported

Aanant & Zoo (Berlin)
* Works by Michael Müller for between ¤ 7,000 and ¤ 18,000

Samuelis Baumgarte (Bielefeld)
* Capital works by Heinz Mack, including a "Rotor" from the early 1970s to a museum and many works by Peter Zimmermann

Klaus Benden (Cologne)
* Sold the unique laser cut "Wildflower Bouquet" by Tom Wesselmann to a top collection
* Roy Lichtenstein "Moonscape", 1965 for ¤ 35.000

Boltelang (Zurich) & Limoncello (London)
* Three works by Daniel Davies for ¤ 4,000 each

BORZO (Amsterdam)
* Embossed print series "Embossed Structures M I - M VIII" (1972) of the Dutch artist Jan Schoonhoven for ¤ 38,000

Daniel Buchholz (Cologne/Berlin/New York)
* Work by Wolfgang Tillmans
* Work by Isa Genzken

Capitain Petzel (Berlin/New York)
* Eight metre-long "Radical Feminist Pirate Ship" by Andrea Bowers for US$ 85,000

Chert (Berlin)
* Two sculptures by Petrit Halilaj

Clages (Cologne)
* Paper cuts by Claus Richter for ¤ 2,500 each

Contemporary Fine Arts (Berlin)
* Woodcuts by Gert & Uwe Tobias for between ¤ 42,000 and ¤ 65,000
* Paintings by Norbert Schwontkowski

Drei (Cologne) & Projectos Monclova (Mexico City)
* Sold various works of their artists Hayley Aviva Silverman, Tercerunquinto and Anna Virnich

Eigen + Art (Berlin/Leipzig)
* Bronze sculpture by Stella Hamberg for ¤ 60,000
* Glass objects by Kai Schimenz for ¤ 7,400 / 22,000
* Paper works of the Dresden Constructivist Karl Heinz Adler
* Canvas by David Schnell for ¤ 140,000
* Paintings by Martin Eder for ¤ 40.000 to ¤ 75,000

EXILE (Berlin)
* Wall object "Weißes Achselbeulenkreuz" (1969) by the conceptual artist Verena Pfisterer for ¤18,000 to the Museum Ludwig in Cologne

Johannes Faber (Vienna)
* Photography by Frank Horvat "Model with Givenchy Hat" for ¤ 75,000
* Photography by Andreas Bitesnich for ¤ 5,200
* Original Polaroid by Alfred Seland for ¤ 4,400

Galerie Bärbel Grässlin (Frankfurt a.M.)
* Lamp objects by Tobias Rehberger, including the two-part work "Ferritin 345,4" for
¤ 50,000 to the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne
* Andreas Slominski "Rattenfalle" and another large object

Gallery Karsten Greve (Cologne/Paris/St. Moritz)
* Sculptural paper works by Georgia Russell

Gallery Hauser & Wirth (Zurich/New York/Los Angeles)
* Two editions of Richard Jackson's neon work "Ain`t painting a pain" for US$ 75,000
* Acrylic painting "The Men's Room / The Trophy Room" by Richard Jackson for US$ 55,000
* Interest of two museums in Jackson's murals

Mier Gallery (Los Angeles)
* Sold all works by Thomas Wachholz

König Galerie (Berlin)
* Canvas by Tatiana Trouvé for ¤ 70,000
* Mirror sculpture by Alicia Kwade for ¤ 80,000
* Works by Jorinde Voigt for ¤ 30,000
* Canvas works by Paul Czerlitzki for ¤ 30.000 for the Federal Collection of Contemporary Art
* Paintings by Katharina Grosse for ¤ 60,000

KOW (Berlin)
* Various video works

Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler (Berlin)
* Various video works

Galerie Ludorff (Düsseldorf)
* Sculpture by Günter Haese for ¤ 30,000 and other works throughout the programme to the mid 6-digit price range

Galerie Linn Lühn (Düsseldorf)
* Johannes Wohnseifer "The Colours of 1968", 19-part mural for ¤ 30,000
* H.C. Westermann, drawing "A crash in the Jungle" for ¤ 28,000 to the Museum Ludwig Cologne

Markus Lüttgen (Cologne)
* Sculptures by Artun Alaska Arasli
* Works by James Beckett

Galerie nächst St. Stephan (Vienna)
* Daniel Knorr castings of puddles from the Berlin Tiergarten and the Pont neuf in Paris from the series "Depression Elevation" for ¤ 25,000 / ¤ 27,000
* Paintings by Herbert Brandl
* Smaller works by Katharina Grosse ¤ 28,500 / ¤ 49,000
* Works by Sonia Leimer and Günter Umberg

Galerie Nagel Draxler (Cologne/Berlin)
* Sculpture by NEW POSITIONS artist Luke Willis Thompson to an international collector for ¤ 18,000
* Photography by Clegg & Guttman "DDR Children Library, Pritzwalk" for ¤ 32,000 for the Federal Collection of Contemporary Art
* Work by Heimo Zobernig for ¤ 50,000
* Drawings by Julia Haller

Paragon (London)
* Works by Georg Baselitz, Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor

Pearl Lam Galleries (Hong Kong)
* Chun Kwang Young "Aggregation 11 - AP030 Blue and Red" 2011 for US$ 160,000

Bertold Pott (Cologne)
* Two-part sculpture by Johanna Monkiewitsch for ¤ 7,500 to a museum
* A video work to a Rhine region collection

Galerie Remmert und Barth (Düsseldorf)
* Paul Klee "Die Idee des Hahns", watercolour on cardboard, 1918 for ¤ 270,000
* Christian Rohlf's "Lilien in gelber Vase", Wassertempera (water tempera), 1924 for ¤ 60,000
* Canvas by Adalbert Trillhaase

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Salzburg/Paris)
* Robert Rauschenberg "New Yoicks (Spread)", 1980 to an American private collection
* Sculptures by Antony Gormley 150,000 / 350,000 pounds

Ruttkowski;68 (Cologne)
* Hand-knotted embroideries by Henrik Vibskov, for ¤ 10,500 each

Sariev (Plovdiv)
* Work by Pravdoliub Ivanov

Deborah Schamoni (Munich)
* Canvas by AA Bronson & Keith Boadwee for ¤ 25,000
* Sculptures by Judith Hopf

Galerie Aurel Scheibler (Berlin)
* Early sculpture by Norbert Kricke in the six-digit range
* Works by Stefan Löffelhardt

Galerie Schlichtenmaier (Grafenau)
* "Würfel" (cube) of the German Pop Art artist Winfred Gaul from 1967 to a German museum for ¤ 22,000
* Works by Fred Thieler for ¤ 75,000 / ¤ 25,000
* Small-format scans by Luzia Simons for ¤ 1,600 each

Galerie Schwarzer (Düsseldorf)
* Sculpture by Markus Lüpertz
* Photography by Thomas Ruff
* Work by Günther Uecker

Setareh Gallery (Düsseldorf)
* Works by Adolf Luther and Gotthard Graubner

Tegenboschvanvreden (Amsterdam)
* Mixed techniques by Chaim van Luit
* Collages by Dieuwke Spaans between ¤ 1,650 and ¤ 7,100

Galerie Thomas (Munich)
* Alexej von Jawlensky "Head", oil on cardboard for ¤ 220,000
* Markus Lüpertz "Neptune" bronze for ¤ 14,500
* Tom Wesselmann "Study for Sunset Nude with floral blanket" for ¤ 27,000
* August Macke "Gebirgslandschaft" from 1903
* Otto Piene "Feuergouache", 1962, for a price in the five-digit range

Galerie Rob Tufnell (London)
* Lithography "Mein Kölner Dom - Blueprints for a New Museum" by Eduardo Paolozzi for ¤6,000 for the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum

Galerie Utermann (Dortmund)
* Works by August Macke, Norbert Tadeusz
* Canvas painting by Fritz Winter, ¤ 100,000
* Works of the photographer Vera Lutter

Galerie von Vertes (Zurich)
* Canvas by Joan Miró for over ¤ 1 million.
* Work by Sam Francis
* Work by Günther Uecker
Galerie Wentrup (Berlin)
* Object by Olaf Metzel "Berlin in der Tasche" for ¤ 55,000
* Works by Karl Haendel, Florian Meisenberg, Peles Empire

Michael Werner Kunsthandel (Cologne/London/New York)
* Canvas by Georg Baselitz
* Photographs by Jeff Cowen
* Works on paper by Sigmar Polke
* Large canvas by Kirkeby reserved

Evely Yard (London)
* All works by Ry David Bradley sold for between 3,500 and 5,500 pounds

David Zwirner (New York/London)
* Sold works by Yayoi Kusama, Sigmar Polke, Thomas Ruff, Wolfgang Tillmans, Oscar Murillo and Heinz Mack

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